Cosmetic Dental Services Options to Cover a Misshapened Tooth

Cosmetic Dental Services Options to Cover a Misshapened Tooth from Wright Dental Co. Dental Office of Dr. Houston Wright in Santa Barbara, CACosmetic dental services can help treat issues like misshapen teeth. The condition can be caused by health issues like congenital syphilis, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Creveld syndrome, and cerebral palsy. Genetic factors can also cause it. Cosmetic dental services can be used to improve the shape of your tooth, regardless of the reason that it is abnormally shaped.

Fixing misshapen teeth with cosmetic dental services

Here are a few of the cosmetic treatments that our dentist might recommend to treat an abnormally shaped tooth.

1. Composite bonding

Composite bonding is the least invasive way to improve a tooth’s shape. The procedure involves using composites that are matched with the color of the patient’s remaining teeth, to improve the tooth's aesthetics.

This treatment does not require making any alterations to the tooth’s existing structures. The procedure involves using an etching solution to roughen the tooth, so the composite adheres better to it. The putty-like composite is then applied to the tooth and molded as desired to create a more natural shape. The dentist finishes the treatment by hardening the composite with a curing light and polishing it to make it shine like a natural tooth.

2. Veneers

Veneers are thin tooth covers that are bonded to the front parts of teeth. The restoration covers up imperfections like misshaped, deformed, crooked, and discolored teeth. All people see when the patient opens their mouth is the veneer, making the tooth appear normal.

Getting a veneer usually requires the removal of enamel from the front part of the to-be-treated tooth. The enamel removed is proportional to the thickness of the veneer being used, since the alteration is done to prevent the restoration from making the patient’s teeth appear abnormally bulky.

The procedure involves making a minimum of two trips to the dentist. The first visit is used to prepare the patient’s tooth, take an impression, and bond a temporary veneer to the tooth. The impression is sent to technicians in a dental lab who make custom dental restorations like crowns. The finished restoration is sent back to the dentist in about two weeks.

The second visit involves removing the temporary veneer and replacing it with the custom restoration. The misshaped tooth should no longer be noticeable when the person smiles.

3. Crowns

A dental crown provides the longest-lasting solution for misshapen teeth. The crown covers up the entire tooth, hiding its deformities.

Getting a crown placed on a tooth requires at least two trips to the dentist. Just like with veneers, the dentist uses the first visit to prepare the patient’s teeth and take an impression. The patient also gets a temporary crown.

The second visit involves swapping the temporary crown with a custom crown made in a dental lab. The tooth’s abnormal shape is no longer noticeable.

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Restore the shape of your tooth

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